Snacks & Toys For Hamsters

You bought a hamster to play with so it is only natural you want your hamster to have fun and enjoy the good hamster life. As far as toys go, It is very easy to decide what type of toys to get for a hamster. The two things they love doing is exploring and chewing. You can get chewing toys or chewing treats for hamsters to gnaw their tooth on which helps them trim their teeth. Hamster teeth keeps growing as long as they are alive, so while they are having fun gnawing, they are also keeping their teeth short. There’s a side benefit as well. Hamsters chewing on toys saves the cage from wear and tear. If they are not chewing on the toy, then they would be chewing on the cage.

Hamsters also love to eat tasty things. They have taste buds just like us. There are many different types of pre-packaged hamster snacks you can treat your hammy to. Many of them are infused with nutrients so they provide some healthy nutrition to their basic diet.

Vitakraft Yogurt Drops for Hamsters
Hamsters love yogurt-drops. They hold it with their tiny hands and start nibbling right away when they get a hold of one. These provide protein but be sure not to give a hamster more than a couple of yogurt drops a day.

Mineral Charm Chews
Mineral chews will give your hamsters a workout with their teeth, but they also serve as a tasty treat. Mineral chews are non-toxic and provide minerals to a hamster’s diet.

Super Pet Fun-nels
As said before, Hamsters love exploring. If you have a cage that supports tube add-ons, you can attach extra tubes and let your hamster crawl about. The tubes can lead to a nesting area or to another cage. If you want, you can connect the tubes to lead back to the opposite end of the cage! The possibilities are endless.

Hamster Run-About Ball
If your hamster is awake and you want to show it off to your friends, put it into a hamster ball and watch him start motoring! This will give your hammy a workout as well as provide some entertainment to those watching it. Be sure to keep your eyes on your hamster even if it is in the ball. If you put them in there too long, they can defecate a lot inside and you will then have to wash it out.

While Hamster loves snacks, remember it is just a treat and not their main food. With that said, hamster food should always be their main diet.  Hammys also drink as much as they eat, so be sure to have a water bottle in the cage. This is an essential item you should already have in your hamster’s cage. For additional information on hamsters, please take a look at the advice page.