Hamster Essentials

When you buy a cage, you will also need to get three critical items if the cage does not already have them. You need a water bottle, bedding, and a wheel.

Hamster Bedding

Carefresh Pet Bedding
You cannot lay some newspaper in a hamster cage. That does not do the job at all. You will need bedding. While a hamster’s fecal matter is solid and gives off almost no odor, a hamster’s urine is a different story. Hamsters like to urinate in the same spot in a cage and after a while, the odor of the urine will build up. The stench will be tremendous if you do not lay down bedding. Bedding does three things: it help absorb the urine, provides a clean smell to the cage, plus hamsters collect bedding to sleep on.

Water bottle

Critter Trail Water Bottle
Does your hamster cage come with a water bottle? Some do not.  Supplying water for hamsters is very simple. When the bottle is running low, just fill it with tap water and put it back on the cage. Do not use a water dish for hamsters! They are not dogs and cats. Keeping a hamster’s fur dry is important if you want them in good health and free from sickness.

Hamster Wheelicon

Silent Spinner Hamster Wheel
A healthy hamster is a hamster that is always busy at night. A hamster wheel is good for hamsters to exercise on but it also has an added benefit. It keeps their mind off of trying to chew through different places to escape because that is what a hamster does when bored. If you are there to supervise, you can drop a hamster into a hamster ball and let them roam around the house, but its best to get a hamster wheel in a cage so they can run without supervision.

So you have looked at the essentials, but also take a look at the fun toys and snacks you can get to bring a little joy to your hamster’s life. Hamsters can get sick if they are in a bad environment so read up on how you can prevent this and what medicine hammys should take. We also have an advice page on hamsters cages if you are looking for further information on where to place them in your home.