Caring For a Sick Hamster

Some hamsters can live a long time before getting sick and there are times where a hamster gets sick and die within the first week after you bring it home. The most dreaded hamster disease is called Wet-Tail. It’s an intestinal disease that usually occurs in young hamsters and it can be very fatal. Without proper treatment, a hamster with wet-tail won’t last more than a week. Hamsters with wet-tail has a very wet and dark bottom and looks like a diarrhea problem. If you spot this, the first thing you want to do is separate a hamster with wet-tail from the other hamsters if you have more than one hamster in the cage. Wet-tail is infectious, and other hamsters can end up with it too. The faster you catch the wet-tail signs, the faster you can treat it and give your hamster a much greater chance to recover. There are products on the market that can help combat and prevent wet-tail.

Dri Tail Medication
Dri-tail is a well-known treatment for hamster wet-tail. You can add it into its water, but if your hamster is really sick, then you will have to administer it by forcing the dropper into his mouth and giving him the dosage. Remember, the earlier you treat your hamster, the better chance it has for survival.

Wet Tail Plus Preventative Tablets
Wet tail plus from Oasis is in tablet form that you add to your hamster’s water supply. It is a treatment and a preventative, so you can give this to your hamster even before it gets wet-tail. This is a good product to give to a young pet hamster after you bring it home for the first time. Hamsters get wet-tail from stress and a hamster moving to an unfamiliar place like a new cage is probably going to be a hamster’s most stressful time.

If you really care for your hamster, take it to the vet where he can help diagnose the problem further and perhaps administer a vaccine.

Remember to feed your hamster the right food and give your new hamster the right snacks and toys so they are less prone to stress. And most importantly, know which parts of the room to place your hamster cage in to prevent your hammy from getting too cold or hot by reading the advice page.