A Guide To Hamster Cages

This site will show you the appropriate hamster cage you
should get for your hammy and what other important items you should pick
up when taking home your hamster.

A good hamster cage needs to be well-ventilated because hamsters can
suffer from heatstroke during hot weather. With that said, avoid cages
where the walls are made entirely of see-through plastic. They are
literally green houses for hamsters. Instead, choose a cage that uses
wires or mesh. This guide will introduce you to hamster cages that are
well-built and affordable.


Super Pet Critter Trail One Hamster Cage

The Trail One is a good starter home for a hamster. It includes a
water bowl and a food dish so you do not have to buy them separately.
The cage is designed to let in a good air flow but in a way that
eliminate wind drafts. The exercise wheel it comes with does not squeak
when a hamster is running on it. Hamsters are nocturnal animals so
they are very active during the night. This is when they will run on
their wheel the most and usually the wheel can make a lot of noise and
wake people up. The need for a good quiet hamster wheel is often
overlooked when buying a hamster cage and the Critter Trail One has a
good one.

Hamster Home

Ware Natural Wood Cage for Hamsters

This cage is for those who don’t like plastic cages and rather have
an old fashioned hamster cage. It is made from a renewable wood source
and recycled plastic material. This cage comes with a wooden ramp and
platforms that are easy to clean. There is also a cute little wooden
house for your hamster’s privacy. This old school hamster cage will
ensure your hamster will always have plenty of fresh air.


hamster cage

Super Pet CritterTrail Two

This is a hamster cage for owners who want a compact shape that is
also spacious at the same time for a hamster to live in. The
CritterTrail Two has a second level for hamster to climb on to through
tubing. There is also a petting area that can be accessed by lifting a
part of the roof up and be greeted by your hamster friend. The cage is
also designed to be eye-pleasing with all around bright colors. A
silent wheel, climbing tubes, food dish and drip resistant water bottle
comes with this amazing cage.


unique hamster cage

Super Pet CritterTrail X Hamster Home

This unique hamster cage is different from the rest. It has a hamster wheel
mounted above the roof of the cage and a twisty slide that leads to the
ground floor. In between is a petting area where you can get up close
and personal with your hamster. Also, the CritterTrail X Hamster Home
glows in the dark! Comes with a water bottle and food dish



Super Pet CritterTrail THREE Multi-Level Critter Cage

If you want to spoil your hamster with luxurious living space, than
consider this big level cage which can house more than one hamster. Not
only is it big, but it’s a beautiful looking cage to look at. A wheel,
water bottle and feeding dish comes standard and there’s an express
tube that lets the hamster run from ground level all the way up to the
top of a petting area.

When you buy your hamster cage, make sure you have the essentials such as bedding and a water bottle for your hammy. But most important, remember to have food waiting for your hamster when you bring it home. Be sure to check out our advice section for more information on hamster cages.